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From the North to the South, and the East to the West, no person would disagree that Wales is the best!


We love domains, we love Wales, so it is our mission to combine this into growing a network of web sites while teaching new businesses along the way.

Technology moves so quickly that small business owners miss out on new offerings they once thought were only for the multi nationals. We want to open their eyes.

Basically, we want to help more people get online, from School age to retirement, the internet is big enough for everyone.

Tony F

Founder & CEO

Loves Family, Football, Motor Sport and apparently, due to my viewing habbits, a fan of every sport in the world? Loves to dine at the Best Chippy on the Planet, Enochs of Llandudno Junction! Ok 2nd to Steve's in Kirkby :-)

Liverpool, a City where its people travel far and wide, while spreading the word and showing their pride.


Domain Registration

We work with Nominet accredited registrars, we can offer you low cost UK domains from the worlds leading registry.

Website Hosting

Looking to start a new business, we have the perfect low cost hosting packages, including access to website builder, siple drag and drop, professional web sites in minutes..

Domain Sourcing

Looking to acquire the right domain name for your business, use our knowledge to locate the owners of your perfect domains.

Affordable Web Sites

Need a web site but dont want to do it yourself, we can do it for you quickly and at great prices.

How to do it yourself

We can teach classes and groups how to safely navigate around setting up a new business and web site without breaking the bank and still getting first class results.

Helping people into work

Its the name and aim of the game for us, some people find it easy, others impossible, we want to help people find the right job and be happy.


£2per month


Website Builder

5 email accounts
250mb SSD Space
1 MySQL database
E-mail support

£3per month


Website Builder

10 email accounts
500mb SSD Space
2 MySQL database
E-mail support

£6per month


Website Builder

20 email accounts
1GB SSD Space
3 MySQL database
E-mail support

£8per month


Website Builder

25 email accounts
2GB SSD Space
4 MySQL database
E-mail support

We, a proud Island people, can build anything, and when we stand together, everything is possible!


Hwyl Ltd

0161 369 2728
20-22 Wenlock Road, LONDON